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Dry vs Canned Beans

At the grocery store, you may have been presented with a dilemma: dry or canned beans? Like “paper or plastic,” it’s an age old question. (Not really.) Here’s a little exploration of the pros and cons of each

Hispanic Cooking 101

Traditional Hispanic food is full of flavor and a variety of textures: crunchy; chewy; gooey; and stringy. The most popular Hispanic foods are derived from rice and vegetables and use a flavor base called sofrito to season their dishes and soups. Sofrito is a mild tomato base that is a staple in traditional Hispanic food cooking methods. Many restaurants carry some form of Hispanic food on their menus, such as rice-filled enchiladas, tacos, nachos or flan.

Rice & Beans Benefits?

Rice and beans have been a Staple addition to Latin American style cooking Throughout many different countries and cultures. Find out the health benefits and more,

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