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Dry vs canned beans

Dry Beans


Less money

In control of ALL ingredients

Long soak unlocks all the nutrients/health benefits

Less packaging waste

Avoid BPA in cans

Option to “toss in a bit more” in many recipes


More work (slighty)

Must pre-plan


More work (slighty)

Must pre-plan

canned beans


Quick and easy!

Most sources, other than the traditional foods paradigm, say canned beans are just fine nutritionally (unlike most canned foods, like vegetables)


Higher cost

Conservative sources say manufacturers’ method of cooking makes them less nutritious, both in proteins and nutrients

Might have added preservatives/salt

More waste (cans)

Exposure to BPA in cans

Whether you choose canned beans, dry beans, or a blend of both depending on your time, energy and preparation foresight, beans are a frugal and nourishing choice.